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    Applicant details

    Only if different from the permanent residence address
    * Employment status:

    * Only for > 16 years old

    Knowledge of the Italian language:

    Household details

    Requirement: ISEE < € 20,000
    One parent family:
    Elenca gli altri membri del nucleo famigliare:
    * I declare that the child's vaccination situation complies with the current law 119/20

    * Only for < 6 years old

    * Employment status:

    * Only for > 16 years old

    Knowledge of the Italian language:


    * Flexible educational service hour packages according to family needs: summer camps, afternoon support for families, etc...
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    Documenti da allegare

    Attach copy/photograph of Identuty Card or Residence Permit

    Tessera Sanitaria/S.T.P. del richiedente (Straniero Temporaneamente Presente)

    Attach copy/photograph of Declaration of Immediate Employment Availability

    Attach ISEE document/photograph

    Attach copy/photograph of Certification issued pursuant to Law 104/1992

    Certificato Vaccinale Bambini

    Autocertificazione Laurea/Diploma Corsi di Formazione Specifici/Attestato Frequenza Corsi Lingua del richiedente


    I declare to be willing to subscribe an educational and professional orientation Agreement, in which are listed in detail the actions I am committing myself to undertake during the project.

    In case of admission in the classification the parents have to be willing to meet the Case Manager for a motivational interview, aiming at confirming, the participation in the project.

    I declare, in accordance with the articles 46 and 46 of the Presidential Decree 445/2000 and subsequent amendments and additions, to be aware of the sanctions provided for the making of false statements, as referred to in article 75 of the Presidential Decree 445/2000.

    I hereby authorize the treatment of my personal data according to the current italian directives (Law No. 196 of 30 June, 2003).

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